Chunky knit cardigan

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Tuesday to all:)

It's raining outside, I'm drinking hot tea and sharing new outfit post with you. Sounds so romantic...

The chunky cardigan that I knitted myself is my current crush. I'm going to knit another one! And if you want me to knit something like that for you let me know;-)
I found perfect yarn for this type of cardigans. May be it's even more like coat, not sure. But the only thing I know is that I'm gonna rock these cardigans/coats in spring for sure. They are oversized, chunky and so cozy, you will look so effortlessly chic wearing something like that! So I suggest you to look for such huge cardigans or email me haha

As chunky cardigan catches all attention I'm wearing simple boyfriends, tshirt, white sneakers and cute beanie with pompon. What can be more cute than pompons? Oh I know - kittens:)

Have a great day!

Pastel pink nails / Valentines Day ideas

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hi, guys:)
Today I want to show you my cute pink nails that you can easily recreate on a daily basis or for upcoming Valentine's Day:)
Idea of this sparkling nails came to me after my search of sequined top. I just feel that I need it in my life. I still don't have it, but I do have these cute nails:)
So, its super easy: two coats of pastel pink nail polish+two coats of sequined nail polish on the upper half of your nails + one coat of finish = DONE:)

 xx Jane

ps Try to find the nail polish with a mix of sequins:)

Plaid Coat

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I don't know why but lately I can't stop loving plaid print. I'm still looking for the huge plaid scarf of very good quality, I need it in my life:) If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I'm wearing my new plaid coat, it's so comfy and chic! I got it in M size as I wanted it to be a lil oversized, so that I can easily layer it with sweaters, for example, to keep myself warm. Besides, oversized coats look great!
As you may noticed this year I'm starting with basic colors and wardrobe staples. So I'm currently in love with white, denim, navy blue, grey and pastels! Hope you like this change as well!

ps I won this cute scarf in the giveaway haha first time ever!)
pps ok once you will see the links to all items that I'm wearing you will understand that I'm 90% Forever21 addicted:) and I wasn't paid to say this haha