Shopping Inspiration: Gift Guide for Her

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hello world:)

As you may notice I've changed the blog design and I'm so happy with the new look:)
I want to apologize that I'm not posting new outfits at this moment. I have some reasons, but I hope this wont last long.
As I always look through my fav online stores and boutiques, I decided to launch new section on my blog called Shopping Inspiration:)
I hope you will enjoy it:) I've also linked all my finds below!
1. Cute shades from ZeroUV HERE
2. Printed scarf from KristaNorris HERE
3. Ring set from Forever21 HERE
4. Daniel Wellington watch HERE use coupon code 'holiday-jane' to get 15% off
5. Alfie Douglas Bag HERE
6. Forever21 Journal for those who want to write a biography HERE

Happy Shopping:)
xx Jane

The Beatles

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hi everyone!
I haven't been here for a while, sorry for that!
Super crazy Black Friday/Syber Monday sale in CuteBirdie shop + I launched Doing Chic project with super awesome hand knitted beanies and necklaces! I'm so excited!!! I have so many plans and ideas about these two projects! And if you want to win a Doing chic beanie check out my instagram for details ;-)

As for today's outfit I'm wearing cool sweatshirt with The Beatles, jeans and sneakers:) plus Doing Chic necklace:) simple yet on point :-)
Somehow I forgot to post this outfit on time, right now it's winter with snow that melts, perfect weather to destroy cool suede shoes, just what i did earlier today:(

Playful contrasts: teal and pink

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Saturday)
 I love playing with different colors in my outfits, to add contrasts. Color circle is my fav toy to play when it comes to contasts. But as far as I see on instagram, for example, lots of people love black-white-grey profiles. Dont even know why. Yes there is something calm and classy in those colors but its way too boring. Just imagine you open up your closet and all you see is monochrome stuff. its too sad.
In todays outfit i'm pairing blue-teal and pinky colors. Very relaxing, oversized and cozy yet colorful and playful:)
Life is full of contasts, they make it more interesting and fun! Look outside, everything is contrasting. Dont be afraid to play a lil and to put something not white-grey-black on!
Have a good weekend) dring hot tea and take care of yourselves and your loves:)